Feathered Sighs

Wishes woosh by
on wistful winds of change
parasailing through tomorrow

We dip our chlorine toes in wiggling water
and wait
for the sweet sweet chance to fly

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Unblinking Eyes

As I screech through the grey, early evening, The train floats by, invisible.
She pushes cargo to a warehouse
on the damp upper east bank.

Doctors walk by outside, looking inside, pipes smoking and coattails flapping in the wind.

Headaches won’t cease without coffee, or laudanum.

A rambling honk in my ears, rattling an empty casket. Forcing missing tears from fidgeting pockets.

Night rolls on like thunder, twenty paces each way. The people thin and become felines, mewling to no one and everyone.
Skulking through city slits.

Day’s pains turn into terrors made of rags, dancing shadows take up the waltz. Deep night fairy dust lazily consumes open spaces between dreams.

Rocking here and there,
Silence finally makes its bed, suffocating Noise until his last twitch.

There in the obscurity -

A whistle blows, the darkness flees in panic.
People scream,

Dusted air fills the lungs
Sickeningly sweet smells force their way in
Gasoline and fresh bread

The pile of ashes once more lit up by apathetic dawn.

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All Iteration

Mute happiness rests its weight
On hopeless lips

Our violent conversations
Mixed with digressive tantalations
paint the bars of our conviction

Oh, bring me your diction
Find me some tricks and
Word play
Write me the book about us
and allow me to publish it with my olfactory press

But – pining – I stymie the flow
Find safe words to break the air
Keep it succinct
For you,
I’ll leave it sweet

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The ‘Human Zone’


A subtle shift between him and I,
A look and sigh
The parapet is manned but enemy’s intentions
Cups shake in fearful hands
Whispered ‘crazy!’ floats on by
He touches her shoulder – just – as a friend
Her skin relaxes, she breathes in sand
Tight rope walking she protects intangibles,
A laudable effort for a hopeless cause
Bitter laughs punctuate uncertainty
A desperate battle between trust and sanity

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Worming Between


A pressure in your outside-in
About your way around
top or bottom feels better
up against your crown.

Pulled in all directions
by the imagined inner Night
exteriors are deceiving
cramps struggle and bite

it feeds the contradictory
directions to your inside
lost once more and tense
wrapped around, it pries

bend the meaning within
to an exposition without
find a cold exterior
my geometry's in doubt



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Twisted below your body
I feel exonerated
Proffered up into the pain of completion
Fill me with fantasies
Of contentment
And the deceitful beauty of dawn

Remind me why we’re horribly perfect for each other
In your arcane drawl

Tell me why we’re perfect

Or at least why I’m not all wrong

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