Hiatus and Challenge

A pause on the prose and poetry has been put in place, per JM’s attempt to pursue perpetual employment. I hope you can empathize. Prolific apologies to the people.

In the meantime, please deposit here any requests/suggestions/challenges for the topics of future poems. For example, you could have me write an amusing epic about a drunk chicken, or a poignant poem about losing a loved one. Request away and I shall do what I can!


Half Asleep

Eyes crack open, fighting dreary midnight geldings
and the impossibly thin line between Was and Will Be.

Cold floor anxiety apprehends toes curled beneath
yesterday’s thermal covers.

The Now is so distinct, so painful the transition.
We demand the dark, forgotten pits of sleep,
yet morning looms large and pitiless:

the inevitable awakening.

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There Is Pleasure In The Pathless Woods

There is a pleasure in the pathless woods,
There is a rapture on the lonely shore,
There is society, where none intrudes,
By the deep sea, and music in its roar:
I love not man the less, but Nature more,
From these our interviews, in which I steal
From all I may be, or have been before,
To mingle with the Universe, and feel
What I can ne'er express, yet cannot all conceal.


by Lord George Gordon Byron


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Coughee Shop

On the floor tiles fake class
and uncaring patrons go
stomp stomp stomp

Furrowed brows
clutch coffee cups
and backs bend over
mobile devices, in touch

Anonymity in public
averting one's eyes to rule one's own world
introverts sing
cough cough cough 



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Writing is…



Scrambled words trampled on a page by ballpoint brigands.

Ink swords break barriers and smother syntax with ruthless inhibition.

Letters conjoined into thoughtless strings, only to be rent once more.

Then from the ruins of language emerges something alive: a patchwork quilt, still torn.

Sewn together and taught to fly, the idea gets its wings.

The phoenix rises from the ashes

and the story from a dream.


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